Bids Invited from Consultants for Trading Carbon Credits from Hydropower and Solar Projects

The last day to submit the bids is April 4, 2022

April 1, 2022


Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation (HPPCL) has issued a notice inviting tender from consultants for registration, monitoring, verification, issuance, and trading of carbon credits for 276 MW of hydropower and 5 MW of solar projects in the state.

The entire project is divided into four different sites and must be completed within nine months.

Hydropower Project details for Carbon Credits Trading in Himachal Pradesh

The last day to submit the bids is April 4, 2022. The bids will be opened on April 7.

The bidders do not have to submit any earnest money deposit for this tender. However, successful bidders must submit a contract performance guarantee of ₹200,000 (~$2,641) within 28 days from the date of issue of the letter of award.

Bidders must have experience registering, monitoring, verifying, issuing, and trading carbon credits of power generation projects in the last ten years. The activities of registration, monitoring, verification, issuance, and trading of carbon credits of a power generating company need not be for the same client. For this purpose, the applicant’s services or other associating firms with relevant experience will be considered.

The scope of the projects includes the appraisal of HPPCL’s two projects, i.e., Kashang HEP Stage-1 and Sawra-Kuddu HEP, which are already registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as clean development mechanism (CDM) project.

Successful consultants must advise HPPCL about trading carbon credit for the two projects mentioned above in the CDM market or any other alternate carbon credit trade market, which will make the trade most beneficial to HPPCL.

In such a case, the consultant must bear all the expenditure regarding fresh registration of the projects involving the preparation of project design documents, project concept note, validation, registration, monitoring, and verification.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company had issued an expression of interest (EoI) inviting bids from consultants for validation, registration, verification, issuance, and trading of eligible carbon credits from rooftop solar projects in Madhya Pradesh.

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