Bids Invited to Supply Energy Portfolio Management System for Indian DISCOMs

The last day to submit the bids is June 12, 2023


Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International has invited bids to supply an energy portfolio management system (EPMS) to South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP), the regional energy program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) mission to India.

The bidders should develop an EPMS for optimizing Indian DISCOM’s power portfolio management activities, focusing on short-term energy portfolio management.

The bidders should provide one year’s operational and maintenance support for running the EPMS.

The last day to submit the bids is June 12, 2023. Bids will be opened on the same day.

Tender’s Objective

Power purchases account for a significant portion (70-80%) of expenses for Indian DISCOMs. To improve their financial health, it is crucial to manage energy portfolios efficiently, as even a slight reduction in these costs can result in substantial savings.

However, managing energy portfolios has become complex due to intermittent renewables supply, changing consumption patterns, and new market products.

DISCOMs face challenges such as lack of expertise, high costs, data security concerns, continuity issues, and conflicts of interest.

The proposed EPMS would offer support through analytics-based decision-making to tackle these challenges.

It will assist in forecasting, optimization, and market participation. The project aims to optimize power procurement, increase the use of renewable energy, and enhance day-to-day energy portfolio operations for DISCOMs. Ultimately, this system seeks to improve cost efficiency and operational effectiveness, benefiting the financial health of Indian DISCOMs.

EPMS performance requirements

  • MAPE between 5% to 10% for Day-Ahead: 10% of the DISCOM’s monthly support service rate.
  • MAPE greater than 10% for Day-Ahead: 20% of the DISCOM ‘s monthly support service rate.
  • MAPE between 3% to 7% for Intraday: 10% of the DISCOM ‘s monthly support service rate.
  • MAPE greater than 7% for Intraday: 20% of the DISCOM ‘s monthly support service rate.

Additionally, there are key performance indicators to track and report performance regularly for EPMS support. In the case of critical issues where the system cannot be used for normal business activities, and there is a certainty of financial loss to the identified DISCOM, re-service work should be provided within 60 minutes, with a maximum downtime of 10 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria

Bidders should have successfully deployed at least one software solution on advanced analytics/ business intelligence/ dashboard solution/ software solution for an Indian DISCOM in the last five years. The solution should be utilized in DISCOM for more than one year, and the total cost of all such projects should be at least ₹7 million (~$84,676).

For the last three financial years, they should have an average annual turnover of ₹250 million (~$3 million).

Union Power Minister R.K. Singh outlined the steps the government took to help improve the financial health of the DISCOMs in the country.

The DISCOMs’ frail financial health and inability to pay dues on time have impeded the general growth of the renewable industry in the country over the years. The Minister for Power, R.K.Singh, implied that the state-owned DISCOMs are primarily responsible for the country’s lack of progress in meeting its rooftop solar installation targets for 2022.


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