BHEL Invites Bids for Non-DCR Monocrystalline Solar Modules of 9.3 MW Capacity

The last day to submit the bids is April 25, 2022


Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has issued a notice inviting tender (NIT) for the supply of non-domestic content requirement (DCR) monocrystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) modules of 9.3 MW capacity.

Only domestic module manufacturers with a minimum manufacturing capacity of 50 MW per annum can submit bids. Monocrystalline PV modules with 72 cells in 12X6 series configuration or 144 cells in 24X6 configuration can be offered. The wattage of modules must be between 525W and 545W. Modules must be suitable for 1500V DC system voltage application. The modules must be manufactured in India. The country of origin certificate must be submitted along with dispatch documents.

The last day to submit the bids is April 25, 2022. The bids will be opened on the same day.

Bidders must furnish 5% of the purchase order value as a contract execution bank guarantee.

The bidders must have an average annual turnover of ₹75 million (~$983,458) in the last three financial years ending March 31, 2021. To support the average annual turnover requirement, bidders must submit their audited balance sheet and profit and loss accounts for the last three years.

The cell efficiency must be a minimum of 21% under standard testing conditions, and the modules fill factor must be a minimum of 70%. Modules must perform satisfactorily in humidity up to 85% with ambient temperatures between 0° C & + 55° C. They should be capable of resisting damage when subject to hailstorms of a maximum diameter of 28mm with an impact speed of 86 kmph. They must withstand adverse climatic conditions, such as gust speeds of 280 kmph.

Modules must be warranted for the product quality for ten years. They must also be warranted for their output peak watt capacity, which should not be less than 90% at the end of 10 years and 80% at the end of 25 years from the completion of the trial run.

Micro and small enterprise (MSE) vendors quoting within the price band of lowest (L1) + 15% will be allowed to supply 25% of the requirement subject to the acceptance of the L1 price. If the L1 bidder is not an MSE, all the MSE vendors who have quoted within L1 + 15% will be allowed to match the L1 price. The contract will be awarded to the MSE vendor who matches the price quoted by the L1 bidder.

Recently, BHEL issued an NIT from global manufacturers of floaters to enter a memorandum of understanding for freezing techno commercial conditions and specifications for the design and supply of floaters and associated anchoring and mooring of floaters for various floating solar projects across India.

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