Bharat Electronics Invites Bids to Develop 4-5 MW Wind Project in Karnataka

The last day to submit the bids is April 10, 2023


Bharat Electronics (BEL) has invited bids to develop a wind project of 4 MW to 5 MW capacity in Karnataka.

The selected developer must also oversee the project’s comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) for 25 years.

The project should be commissioned within 15 months of receiving the work order.

The last day to submit the bids is April 10, 2023. The bids will be opened the next day.

Bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of ₹1 million (~$12,218). The successful bidder must remit 10% of the total order value as a performance bank guarantee.

The developer must provide a performance bank guarantee worth ₹4 million (~$48,873) before the end of the warranty period.

The guarantee must be valid for one year and renewed annually or extended for up to eight years after the post-warranty period, which is ten years from the commissioning date.

Bidders must possess enough land in suitable wind zones in Karnataka.

The agency must be a manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer authorized supplier with a valid type certificate or approval from the National Institute for Wind Energy for wind electric generators.

The wind turbines used in the project should be procured from suppliers listed in the Revised List of Models and Manufacturers issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). The turbines must be produced in India, and the manufacturers should have O&M facilities in India. The turbine must be of 1,000 kW rating and above.

Bidders must have completed a similar project within the past seven years involving designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing, testing, and commissioning a wind project of at least 2 MW at a single project location in India.

The bidders must have had an average annual turnover of ₹105 million (~$1.3 million) in the last three financial years.

Private land offered must have a clear title and be transferable to BEL upon sale. If the bidder privately owns the land, it should be transferred to BEL for 25 years.

If the land is government-owned, the bidder must deposit the requisite amount to the revenue department, and a suitable agreement must be signed with an authorized agency. The land then should be sub-leased to BEL for at least 25 years.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy recently announced that it will issue renewable project bids worth 50 GW annually for the financial years 2024-28, which includes at least 10 GW of wind tenders.

A Parliamentary Standing Committee on Energy report issued last month found underwhelming progress on wind energy projects as a primary reason India fell short of achieving its renewable energy capacity target of 175 GW by 2022.