Better Energy Teams up with Tata Power Solar and Huawei Technologies for 1 GW of Solar


Tata Power Solar and Huawei Technologies have entered into new supplier and partnership agreements with Better Energy, a Danish company, to develop 1 GW of solar in by 2020.

“Better Energy is evaluating new development and project opportunities of over 2GWh. To achieve this, it requires strong partners to work towards common goals,” stated Mikkel Dau Jacobsen, managing partner responsible for Procurement and Technology at Better Energy.

Better Energy was on the lookout for a collaborator in module production. “We quickly found common ground and many synergies with Tata, which also goes beyond supply of solar modules. They have a lot of experience in the field of engineering, procurement, and engineering, and they have a unique knowledge of new markets that complement our own,” added Mikkel Dau Jacobsen.

The partnership with Better Energy increases Tata Power Solar’s presence in the European market. “It is a privilege to have partnered with Better Energy and to have the opportunity to deliver world-class solar solutions to European solar projects. The partnership is testament to our ability to deliver high quality products and quality, which has been our forte for the last 27 years. We are convinced that our close cooperation, value proposition and product quality will pave the way for further business opportunities,” said Ashish Khanna, Executive Director and CEO of Tata Power Solar.

Best Energy was biding its time to strengthen partnership with Huawei. “We have used Huawei inverters for a while now. It is state-of-the-art technology and an impressive amount of technical special features for the award. The inverters work great, but in addition they also have a very special technical design that fits the hose in the way we build facilities in Denmark,” said Mikkel Dau Jacobsen.

“Better Energy is an important partner for Huawei FusionSolar. The cooperation between us is one step further towards spreading solar cell technology and improving human well-being. Huawei is also a customer-oriented company and we will therefore work with Better Energy to achieve their goals for a win-win future through advanced technology and continued innovation,” said Alison Finch, Marketing Director at Huawei FusionSolar Europe.

Partnership agreements are about finding basic, common principles, interests, values, as well as taking the time it takes to understand each other’s goals and motivation. It is the only way to achieve real strength and impact.

Image credit: Better Energy