Andhra Pradesh Approves Guidelines for Implementation of its Rooftop Solar Policy

The regulations were issued in January 2019


The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) has approved the guidelines for implementing the state’s Solar Rooftop Policy 2018 that were submitted by the Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (APEPDCL).

In January 2019, Andhra Pradesh had issued its new solar policy to promote the widespread use of solar power and the policy targets a minimum total solar power capacity addition of 5,000 MW in the next five years across the state.

According to the policy, the state government will promote solar rooftop PV systems on public buildings, domestic, commercial, and industrial establishments on gross and or net metering basis. The consumers are free to choose either net or gross meter option for the sale of power to the distribution companies (DISCOMs).

The applicable tariff for either of the cases will be equal to the average pooled power purchase cost (APPC) determined by the APERC. For rooftop solar PV systems, projects of capacity up to 1,000 kW at a single location will be permitted. Projects commissioned during the operative period will be eligible for the incentives declared under this policy for ten years from the date of commissioning.

APEPDCL had submitted a request letter along with the guidelines for implementing the policy. The APERC then held a public meeting in which comments from stakeholders were discussed, and the CERC and the stakeholders were made aware of the views of the DISCOM.

After going through all the submissions made, the APERC approved al the guidelines proposed by APEPDCL. The APERC, however, suggested that the APEPDCL should consider specifying a longer period of minimum six months for rooftop solar PV projects in the range of 100 kW to 1,000 kW, and a one-time extension of up to 60 days.

Initially, APEPDCL had provided three months for all sizes of rooftop solar PV projects. This proposal is likely to help developers by providing them with the time to take care of project financing for large rooftop solar PV projects in Andhra Pradesh.

Recently, Andhra Pradesh also approved a DISCOM-driven solar rooftop program proposed by APEPDCL. APEPDCL had petitioned the APERC to approve the DISCOM-driven solar rooftop PV program devised under the technical assistance program. APEPDCL had proposed two models for the implementation of this program.

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