Amazon To Set Up 62 MW of Ground-Mounted Solar Projects in Singapore

The project is expected to generate 80,000 MWh of electricity once it is completed in 2022


U.S.-based e-commerce giant Amazon announced its plans to set up 62 MW of ground-mounted solar projects in Singapore. It expects to complete the project in 2022.

It is expected to generate 80,000 MWh of energy annually – enough to power over 10,000 homes in the country.

According to Amazon, this project is its fifth utility-scale renewable energy project in the Asia Pacific region. It has previously announced three wind and solar projects in Australia and one solar project in China. Its total installed renewable capacity now stands at 411 MW.

Amazon said that this announcement was in line with Singapore’s ten-year national sustainable development plan – the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

The announcement was also in line with Amazon’s renewable target, wherein it hopes to power all of its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2030. The company said that it was on track to meet this target by 2025 – five years early. It previously announced plans to make 50% of all of its shipments with net-zero carbon by 2030.

Sunseap Group has signed a long-term agreement with Amazon to set up the project and connect it to the grid. The company was awarded one of the two contracts under JTC’s SolarLand Phase 3 tender last year, in its efforts to make industrial estates environmentally friendly. As part of the contract, Sunseap will install the solar systems on about 40 hectares of temporary vacant land across Singapore.

JTC Corporation, formerly the Jurong Town Corporation, is a government agency in Singapore that develops sustainable industrial infrastructure.

Unlike conventional fixed designs, these systems are designed to be modular and flexible and can be redeployed when the land is needed for other uses. When completed in 2022, they will be the largest aggregated mobile solar systems designed and installed in Singapore.

In December, Amazon announced 26 new utility-scale wind and solar energy projects totaling 3.4 GW of electricity production capacity, bringing its total investment in renewable energy in 2020 to 35 projects and more than 4 GW of capacity. This made Amazon the largest-ever corporate purchaser of renewable energy.

Amazon also co-founded The Climate Pledge alongside Global Optimism to combat climate change back in 2019. In an interview with Mercom, a spokesperson of Amazon’s Indian arm spoke about the company’s measures to incorporate green energy and sustainability efforts into its operations in India.