Airports in Assam, Bihar, and Maharashtra Go Solar

Vikram Solar has commissioned the three airports with a cumulative capacity of 1.1 MW


Vikram Solar has announced the commissioning of new solar projects at three airports for the Airports Authority of India.

The three projects have been installed at Dibrugarh in Assam, Gaya in Bihar, and Gondia in Maharashtra. Together, these three projects have a cumulative capacity of 1,165 kW.

The solar project at the Dibrugarh airport will be of 725 kW capacity and is expected to generate over 10 million kWh annually, while the ones at the Gondia and Gaya will support a capacity of 220 kW and each of them will generate 300,000 kWh annually.

The project in Dibrugarh is designed to serve as a solar carport and has been developed using monocrystalline modules. A solar carport, also called solar canopies, are overhead canopies with solar modules installed on the top.

With the commissioning of these three projects, Vikram Solar says it will have a total portfolio of over 4 MW of such projects spread across six airports in the country.

Airports across the country have jumped on to the solar power bandwagon and have commissioned projects on their premises, thanks to the push by the Airports Authority of India. Solar projects have been installed at airports of cities like Bengaluru, Cochin, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, Chennai, Trichy, Calicut, Vijayawada and Tirupati.

While some are already running on solar power, many others have announced tenders for the installation of solar systems.

For instance, the AAI recently issued a tender for the procurement of solar power by Amritsar Airport through open access. According to the tender documents, Amritsar Airport is looking to procure 1.577 million units of solar power every year for a contract period of 10 years.

Then in September 2019, the AAI announced tender for a 100 kW grid-connected rooftop solar project to be installed at Pune Airport’s terminal building.  In the same month, it also issued a tender for 1 MW of grid-connected solar projects at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad.

Image credit: Vikram Solar