Adani Electricity Gives Mumbai Consumers Guilty of Dirty Coal Option to Switch to Green Energy

Customers will have the option to buy renewable power by paying an extra ₹0.66 (~$0.009)/kWh

April 8, 2021


In a bid to transition Mumbai towards green energy, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), the city’s largest electricity distributor, is launching a program to give consumers the flexibility to set their targets for renewable energy.

As part of the company’s Mumbai Green Energy Initiative, consumers subscribing to AEML will have the option to buy clean power under the current Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission’s program of providing 100% renewables, by paying an additional ₹0.66 (~$0.009)/kWh.

AEML will be able to provide renewable energy Certificates to consumers as it will receive a 700 MW supply from hybrid solar and wind generation in Rajasthan towards the end of 2022-23. It will also add 1,000 MW of power with a substantial component of green energy for which MERC approval has been sought.

AEML’s initiative is expected to help its consumers with a global footprint and with a commitment to sourcing 25% or higher of their total energy consumption from renewable sources.

Through a combination of direct renewable energy supply and indirect offsets, AEML hopes to enable its corporate customers to meet their sustainability commitments.

Kandarp Patel, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director, AEML, said, “As the company significantly scales up its renewable energy projects, AEML will empower its customers to choose the source of their energy, making green electrons accessible to everyone and enabling the green energy transition. We can guarantee 100% green energy supply and certificates in Mumbai, without any modifications or disruptions. We will create customized renewable energy solutions for all customers to take full advantage of the renewable energy opportunities and achieve their sustainability goals.”

Aligned to India’s pact under the Paris Agreement to achieve renewable energy targets, AEML is set to source over 30% of its energy requirement through renewable sources by 2023 and further increase the share to 50% after receiving a nod from the MERC to add 1,000 MW of round-the-clock power with more than 51% component from renewable sources.

A voluntary program, the Mumbai Green Energy Initiative is targeted towards both existing and prospective customers. AEML will issue monthly certificates to customers opting for the program stating the percentage  of power requirement that has been sourced through renewable energy.

The MERC had, in an order issued in March this year, allowed a ‘Green Power Tariff’ of ₹0.66 (~$0.009)/kWh to be levied on consumers opting for 100% green energy. The Commission noted that all consumers, including extra high voltage, high voltage, and low voltage categories, will be eligible to opt for 100% renewable power on the payment of the Green Power Tariff.

Tata Power Company-Distribution (TPC-D) had filed a petition seeking approval for the ‘Green Power Tariff’ for consumers meeting their requirements through 100% renewable energy.

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