A 1 kW Residential Rooftop Solar System in Jaipur to Cost ₹43,500

The tender was floated in March this year


Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam (AVVNL) has announced the lowest (L1) bids for 55 MW of rooftop solar projects under the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model for three power distribution companies (DISCOMs) in Rajasthan.

The three distribution companies listed in the tender were the Jaipur Vitran Nigam (JVVNL), Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam (JdVVNL), and AVVNL.

The Ajmer DISCOM was assigned as the implementing agency in Rajasthan to help implement the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s (MNRE) Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar (GCRTS) program in residential buildings.

AVVNL-Updated Final

The lowest bid discovered for installing systems under the Jaipur DISCOM jurisdiction, for Part A (1 kW to 3 kW), was ₹43,500 (~$544)/kW; for Part B (>3-10 kW), the L1 price was ₹40,991 (~$512)/kW. Similarly, the L1 bid quoted for Part C (>10-100 kW) was ₹36,000 (~$450)/kW, and the L1 bid quoted for Part D (>100-500 kW) was ₹35,000 (~$438)/kW.

For residential rooftop solar systems under the Ajmer DISCOM, the L1 bid quoted for Part A was ₹44,000 (~$550.08)/kW, and the L1 for Part B was ₹41,900 (~$523.83)/kW. For Part B, the L1 bid was ₹36,000 (~$450.07)/kW, and for Part D, the L1 bid quoted was ₹35,000 (~$437.57)/kW.

For systems to be installed in the Jodhpur DISCOM area, the L1 price quoted for Part A was ₹44,000 (~$550.08), and for Part B, the L1 bid was ₹41,900 (~$523.83)/kW. For Part C, the L1 bid was ₹36,000 (~$450.07)/kW; for Part D, the L1 price quoted was ₹35,000 (~$437.57)/kW.

Speaking to Mercom, one of the bidders said, “We have to match the L1 prices for the four categories within two weeks. Earlier, AVVNL had said that we had to match the L1 prices only for the Jaipur DISCOM, as they were the lowest, but now we have to match the L1 prices discovered for each DISCOM.”

AVVNL had floated the tender in March this year for a total capacity of 55 MW for the three DISCOMs of Rajasthan.

The empaneled vendors will be required to carry out the design, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning, including comprehensive maintenance for five years of grid interactive rooftop solar systems. They should make all necessary arrangements for evacuation and injection of surplus power to the grid at the interconnection points as agreed with DISCOMs.

The respective DISCOMs will execute rooftop solar projects in their operational areas through the empaneled vendors per the rates discovered in this tender.

Since the project was tendered before the government implemented a new simplified process for rooftop solar and central financial assistance calculations, the old methodology would continue to apply to systems installed under this tender.

The MNRE will provide central financial assistance (CFA) up to 40% for rooftop solar systems up to 3 kW capacity. For rooftop systems of capacity above 3 kW and up to 10 kW, the CFA of 40% would be applicable only for the first 3 kW capacity, and for capacity above 3 kW, it would be 20%. For group housing societies or residential welfare associations, CFA will be limited to 20% for installing the rooftop system to supply power to common facilities.

In 2020, the Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation had announced that 119 companies had been selected to develop 45 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar systems across the state. The project was floated under the ‘Rooftop Solar Power Generation Program 2019-20’ and included free comprehensive maintenance for five years. RRECL had allocated 38.9 MW capacity out of the total 45 MW.

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