APRIL 26, DAY - 1

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM IST

India's Energy Transition - Markets and Opportunities

As India marches towards energy transition, new market opportunities are emerging. The industry heavyweights will set the stage for strategic discussions on the opportunities and scope for scaling renewables, the investments, technology, and other resources needed to achieve the massive targets.

    Duration: 60 mins

    12.45 pm - 01.45 pm

    Domestic Manufacturing – Strengthening Local Supply Chains

    The government of India has announced initiatives to boost renewable energy manufacturing through unique incentives, infrastructure facilities, and policies. This session will dwelve into demand and supply scenarios, opportunities, challenges, the way forward for backward integration and adoption of the latest technologies.

      Duration: 60 Mins

      02.30 pm - 03.30 pm

      Changing Landscape of Renewable Projects

      Large-scale projects are quickly evolving from pure solar to solar with wind and energy storage to provide round-the-clock power to better suit the energy demand of DISCOMs. The session will discuss the future large-scale project development trends.

        Duration: 60 Mins

        03.35 pm - 04.35 pm

        Technology Trends Driving the Renewables Market

        The Renewables sector has seen unprecedented technological innovations in the past few years globally. The session will deep-dive into disruptive technologies making their way into Indian markets.

          Duration: 60 mins

          05.05 pm - 06.05 pm

          Green Hydrogen – The Critical Piece in the Decarbonization Puzzle

          The ‘National Hydrogen Energy Mission’ charts the path to creating a value chain in the country to achieve the goal of producing 5 million tons of green hydrogen by 2030. The panel will discuss challenges that the market has to overcome for India to become a major hub.

            Duration: 60 Mins

            APRIL 29, DAY - 27

            10.30 am - 12.00 pm

            Technology Spotlight - Start-up Pitch Session

            Indian startups will pitch their innovative technologies and inventions in front of the Summit audience. The panel of judges will select the companies with the best technology.

              Duration: 90 Mins

              12.30 pm - 01.30 pm

              Role of Energy Storage in Making Renewables Mainstream

              Energy Storage Solutions will play a major role as India continues to add intermittent renewable energy capacity to its grid. The market for storage, especially long-duration energy storage, is enormous if the most efficient and commercial technologies meet the price expectations. The experts in the session will navigate through the policy push, commercially deployed technologies, innovations and investments needed to make renewables available round the clock.

                Duration: 60 Mins

                02.15 pm - 03.15 pm

                Corporates and Industries Leading Decarbonization and Renewables Adoption

                For India to meet its net zero goals, adoption of green energy among commercial and industrial units is critical. Corporates are looking to green their supply chains adding to the existing demand. The panel will discuss ways to accelerate clean energy adoption and the business models for making it financially attractive.

                  Duration: 60 Mins

                  03.20 pm - 04.20 pm

                  Electric Vehicles – The Next Big Source of Renewable Power Demand?

                  India's EV ambition could create a multi-billion-dollar opportunity in the country, which will also be a major demand-side driver for clean energy generation assets. The ball has started rolling with major vehicle manufacturers offering all-electric vehicles in their line-up, the PLI program for automobile and auto Components, and the FAME program. The session will deliberate on how to accelerate the development of EV infrastructure in the country.

                    Duration: 60 Mins

                    04.45 pm - 05.45 pm

                    Financing Renewables – Where is the money coming from?

                    The session will explore the financing avenues for funding projects, new manufacturing facilities, expansion, products, and startups as the Indian renewable sector expands to meet the net zero goals. Find out who is funding, how to access these funds, and what the requirements are.

                      Duration: 60 Mins