Bangalore, September 1


Bringing together large power consumers and clean energy solution providers under one roof.

Mercom India hosted its exclusive, one-of-a-kind C&I Roundtable Meet 2023 across major Indian cities and brought together founders, directors, CFOs, sustainability heads, and key decision-makers from across the country.

Participants in the roundtable will be experts in their field, offering the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge trends, innovative financing structures, and critical policy updates.

Starting in Bangalore on September 1, Mercom hosted large commercial and industrial customers with some of the highest power consumption usages in the state, creating an opportunity for them to directly interact with a carefully selected group of the most seasoned energy providers, financiers, and energy policy-makers in India.

The exclusive closed-door roundtable will provide C&I executives the opportunity to explore cutting-edge trends, innovative financing structures, and critical policy updates that apply to their facility.

As the political and cultural hub of the region, Bangalore is already on the cutting edge of innovation in India, and attracts large stakeholders, including many that would benefit immensely from a shift to solar energy.

Why Bangalore

  • The state of Karnataka is ranked first in India for open-access installations, with over 3 GW of commissioned projects.
  • The government is known for favorable policies and quick approval processes.
  • High electricity prices and a smooth right-of-way (ROW) process are strong incentives for C&I companies to switch to solar installations.
  • Karnataka has exempted surcharges for projects under the captive and group captive models.

Who should attend

  • Commercial and industrial consumers of large power capacity (a minimum of 1 MW).
  • Clean energy solutions providers are looking to reach commercial and industrial partners.
  • Founders, Directors, CFOs, Sustainability Heads, Key Decision Makers & Influencers.


  • Overview of Renewable Energy Options for C&I Entities
  • Use Cases for Procuring Green Energy for Higher Savings
  • Future of Green Energy Open Access Market