Chennai, July 21


Bringing together large power consumers and clean energy solution providers.

Mercom India hosted the ‘C&I Clean Energy Meet 2023’ across major Indian cities, focusing on participation from small, medium, and large-scale businesses. The event in Chennai happened on July 21, 2023, at Hyatt Regency.

As the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai already has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology as it was the first major city in India to have widespread access to WiFi. As the political and cultural hub of the region, it attracts large stakeholders in India, including many that would benefit immensely from a shift to solar energy.

Going solar is one of the best avenues for commercial and industrial businesses to cut operational costs and reap both environmental and economic benefits.

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) entities, large institutions, and residential apartments are ideal operations that can benefit from clean energy while also lowering costs compared to traditional grid power tariffs.

C&I entities, large institutions, and residential apartments are all in pursuit of energy sources that are clean, green, and also lower in cost compared to the grid power tariffs. Solar is an attractive option for commercial and industrial businesses trying to reduce their operating expenses. With many emerging business models, there is a renewed interest in going solar.

Solar solution providers equipped with advanced technologies, financing mechanisms, and regulatory provisions are offering attractive solutions to consumers.

Mercom is bringing pre-qualified clean energy solution providers and consumers together to discuss power requirements, cost benefits, challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

Why Tamil Nadu

  • With an average of 300 sunny days per year, Tamil Nadu has become the sixth-largest state for cumulative rooftop solar installations.
  • Tamil Nadu recently raised statewide energy tariffs by 6%, making more traditional energy models more expensive.
  • The state already has solar infrastructure, accounting for 10.7% of India’s open access solar capacity

Who attended

  • Commercial and industrial consumers of large power capacity who plan to significantly reduce their cost of power.
  • Clean energy solutions providers looking to reach commercial and industrial partners.
  • Equipment and component manufacturers, consultants, energy auditors, lenders, investors, associates.
  • Facility and plant managers, c-suite executives of C&I businesses, engineers, procurement managers, decision-makers.
  • Industry players who want to go green and see value in the environmental benefits of clean technologies.

Why attend

  • To find optimal solutions for purchasing low-cost, reliable, clean power and learn how the energy market is evolving across the country.


  • Clean Power Purchase – Options & Technologies Maximizing ROI
  • Innovative Financing Solutions – Ways to Access Cheap Loans