C&I Clean Energy Meet 2024

Bengaluru, January 2024


Bringing together large power consumers and clean energy solution providers

In 2024, Mercom India will host its third ‘C&I Clean Energy Meet’ series in multiple cities across India, starting with Bengaluru on January 24, 2024. Events will be held in eight major cities with a focus on commercial and industrial businesses.

Bengaluru, with a wide array of commercial and industrial businesses, has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation. It’s a hub for IT, software development, and diverse emerging industries.

C&I entities, large institutions, and residential apartment buildings all want clean energy at a lower cost than with grid power tariffs. Because solar rooftops are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy source, they are an attractive option for commercial and industrial businesses that want to reduce their operating expenses.

Solar solutions providers equipped with advanced technologies, financing mechanisms, and regulatory provisions offer attractive solutions to consumers. Energy, finance, and C&I stakeholders are reshaping their business models while securing supply and transitioning smoothly toward clean energy.

As the trusted voice in the clean energy sector, Mercom is bringing clean energy solutions providers and consumers together to discuss power requirements, cost benefits, challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

Who should attend?

  • Commercial and industrial consumers of large power capacity who plan to reduce their cost of power as they go green
  • Clean energy solutions providers looking to reach commercial and industrial consumers
  • Consultants, energy auditors, equipment and component manufacturers, lenders, investors, and associates
  • Facility and plant managers, c-level executives of C&I businesses, engineers, procurement managers, and decision-makers

Why attend

  • To find optimum solutions for purchasing low-cost, reliable, clean power and learn how the energy market is evolving across the country
  • To continue a seamless transition towards clean energy while navigating technological and financial challenges
  • To better understand the energy transition from industry leaders and experts


  • Clean Power Purchase – Switching to Renewable Energy and Optimizing Savings
  • Attractive Financing Options – Exploring Attractive Financing Options for Easy and Affordable Green Loans