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Director Technical

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Director Operations - COO

Essens Renewable (Formerly RWE Solar India & Belectric PV India)


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Country Manager - India



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Regional Manager - North India



Priya Sanjay

Managing Director

Mercom India


Optimal Sizing of PV Inverters for Robust Performance in High Ambient Temperatures

Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 03:00 PM IST

Solar installations have grown in India and are now 16% of the installed power capacity mix. Given the impact of solar intermittency on grid stability, it’s never been more important for power generation to be optimal and predictable. Since most solar projects are in areas with high solar irradiance, the performance of solar modules and inverters–both primary components in a project–is critical.

Climate change only adds to the challenge of solar project operation in high ambient temperatures. If not optimally sized, the efficiency and performance of PV inverters can be a concern in these conditions.

The experts featured in this webinar discussed factors to be considered when determining the right capacity PV inverter for specific locations, especially with high ambient temperatures. The discussion also answered questions regarding guidelines for sizing PV inverters in different locations with effective cost, efficiency, and reliability factored in. The right choice of inverters – string, central, or microinverters – and the relationship between inverter and module capacities and string configuration for optimized performance in high-temperature conditions was also a part of the conversation.