Goutam Samanta

Head PV Technology

Juniper Green Energy


Anuj Mathur

Regional Manager - North

Hopewind, India


Shiv Mishra

Head - OE & C

Sterling & Wilson, Ex CGM(RE) NTPC


Sunil Panigrahi

Country Manager - India



Priya Sanjay

Managing Director

Mercom India


Cutting-Edge PV Inverters Optimizing Generation from Advanced Technology Modules

Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 11:00 AM IST

Technology in the solar sector is fast-evolving as larger modules with higher power ratings of 600 W+ are becoming the new standard. The project designs are being upgraded to accommodate larger modules generating more power, requiring all other equipment to step up.

Demand for powerful string inverters with capacities ranging from 250 kW to 350 kW has surged to meet these design requirements. Such high-capacity inverters play a crucial role in curbing costs across BoS components, labor, and overall project expenditures. Additionally, given the reduced number of inverters requiring maintenance, operational expenses are anticipated to be lower.

During the webinar, experts will explore various additional benefits to help understand the technical and financial implications on solar PV projects.